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Since 1964

Since 1964

A Cut Above the Rest

Fill up your taste buds with tasty and delicious variety of meats and fishes. Our chef cuts our meat and fishes with keen precision. They are obsessed with the perfect blend and slice! We’ve win awards and recommendations in the short time we’ve been operating. Top hotels and events keep ordering from us! Our restaurant is always fully booked! The can’t have enough of our delicacies! When you buy today, not only will you find what you came for, but we hope you leave with a smile on your face and come back to visit us again.

100% Fresh Daily

Our Meats

Our meat are always fresh and unique! Come have a bite and see for yourself!

Variety At Its Finest

When you order a primal, you can specify how you want the steaks cut and packaged, so you can store the excess away in your freezer. Primals often come with more than just the steaks, they may come with sides like stew beef or ground beef from the excess meat that was cut away from the beef. Primals are a great way to stock and save, or provide for a large group of people.


100% Grass Fed Grain Finished Meat


Very fresh collection of sea foods


We also provide roast chicken frsh from our poultry farm.


Grass Fed Grain Finished

Grassfed indicates that cattle have consumed grass for much of their life, but only grassfinished cattle lived on a diet of exclusively mother’s milk and forage. While grassfinished cows offer a leaner beef, rich in fatty nutrients, grainfinished cows are not inherently less healthy. The ranchers we partner with raise their cattle on pasture, eating grass and forages. Then the cattle are transitioned to a grain based diet for 4-6 months to finish growing.

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Shop from our complete menu of fresh, daily meat counter. We serve hot food as well!


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Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

Our meats are all natural, high grade meats; free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or chemical residues of any kind. Farms we work with offer superior animal husbandry and adhere to responsible farming practices.

Our seafood is the finest in town! Our suppliers’ commitment to quality and integrity is top notch, adhering to our strict standards of purchasing only from responsible fishermen who throw back immature fish, and supply us from day boats. We are committed to sustainable fishing practices. Our seafood arrives fresh daily every morning from our suppliers! 

Our Family Recipe Book.

Beef Skewers

Colourful and juicy, these Beef Kabobs are made using marinated steak pieces to infuse with extra flavour and tenderise.

Herb Dry Rub

Use our delicious rub on ribs or chicken. Rub into ribs or chicken and refrigerate overnight.

BBQ New York Steak

We make a tasty, tender steak on the grill marinated for a minimum of 2 hours!

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M-F: 6am – 5pm
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