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You can make a world where all children are educated beyond basic level, and enjoy economic inclusion possible.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (313) 692-3562 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Commit your time to work on ground with us. You can teach, serve meals, etc. We have something for you.

Sponsor Program

Take up a child in our care and help sponsor the child education by paying for tuition fees, feeding, books, etc.

Charity Fund

No organization can survive without money. Donate some money to our cause so we can take care of more children and give them quality education.

What We Do

We partner with other charities in local African communities and provide funds to them to take care of the orphaned children in their care. We organize charity events and fundraisers, and money gotten from our sponsors and through donations are used to finance the day to day running of these orphanages and provide education to the orphaned children in their care.

Our Story

We started as a simple thought, somewhat resulting from compassion we had when we saw children in the streets of many African countries we’ve been opportune to tour. And so in 2008, we started a movement getting compassionate people involved to support our cause, and overtime we’ve grown and have over 10,000 children benefiting from our causes.

Ongoing Causes

We embark on various kinds of causes. We have Regular, seasonal, annual, biannual, one-time, etc causes.

Abandoned Babies Clinic

We want to start a facility for babies that are born and abandoned or discarded by their parents. We need a standard health facility to take very good care of these children.

$12,134 Donated

New School

We are currently building a preschool in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya to provide quality education to orphaned preschoolers of about 150.


$445 Donated

Become a Volunteer Today

Be a light to those lost in the dark. Be a father to the fatherless, be a mother to the motherless. Come over and volunteer with us and help us put smile on thousands of little faces.

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We’ve Raised over $400,000

We have raised a lot of money over the years and touched the lives of so many underprivileged children across Africa.

Helping Children All Over the World

More than 200,000 children could die this year from severe malnutrition. The causes are many — civil conflict, severe food insecurity, disease, floods and displacement. Beyond these challenges, a recent cholera outbreak is further imperiling the lives of children. The situation is growing worse by the day – if we don’t act now, many more children risk losing their lives.

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