About Us & Our Services

The outsiders, the rebels, the misfits who dare to say; ‘no retreat no surrender’, we got you!!!

We understand how tough it is for founders to build future industries, and we help them for a piece of the action. Peak Photon, on its own, identifies and goes after high-growth ventures and allows them to build what will be profitable and last.

In a nutshell, below is all we do


We are introducing the mastery programme with various in-demand skills. This is a better way to grow and sharpen your skill sets to adapt to the demands of the world of work. The following programme commences on MONDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2023. Our classes are not pre-recorded. Our classes, some of which are hybrid, are live and interactive, providing students with direct access to their tutors. This personalised approach includes mentorship, a crucial element often missing in pre-recorded classes, ensuring that students receive the guidance needed for enhanced learning outcomes. Our primary focus is the growth of our students, and as a result, we limit the number of students to ensure a conducive learning environment. We prioritise quality over quantity, allowing us to closely monitor each student’s progress.


Our slogan is “Helping innovators do more and be more.” We offer a trio of service categories tailored for both career-driven individuals and businesses invested in developing enduring concepts. Our services are accessible to anyone, regardless of location, fostering widespread engagement. These categories are strategically designed to aid and bolster innovators and organisations alike. They encompass: Writing and Publishing Services; Creative and Innovative Production; and Management Services. With a keen grasp of the market landscape, we are optimally positioned to deliver exceptional offerings across these three categories. Companies and organisations can seamlessly collaborate with us to streamline their operations and reduce burdensome overhead. This collaboration leverages our profound understanding of innovators’ growth requirements.


As venture builders, we seek out, identify, and give all forms of assistance, including financial backing, while concurrently securing stakes in these enterprises. Collaboratively, we establish partnerships with investors eager to support and fund scalable businesses under the aegis of Peak Photon. These investments serve dual purposes: to maintain our relevance and ensure traction, and to establish Peak Photon-backed ventures that are meticulously researched and possess substantial scalability potential. Moreover, our funding acts as a catalyst, propelling startups and innovative concepts to thrive at an accelerated pace. Independently, we explore scalable business concepts, subsequently cultivating and nurturing these businesses. Peak Photon maintains complete control over the entire process, from funding to management, ensuring the sustained development of these businesses.



To accelerate the growth of ventures and career-driven individuals who are changing the world around them.


To be the world’s leading provider of opportunities and services relevant to the growth of individuals, businesses, and other organisations.


  • Adaptability
  • Diversity
  • Remarkable
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Trustworthy


Group 1 Writing and Publishing Services

  • All forms of speech writing, letter writing, and keynote address.
  • Proposal writing for individuals and companies. Also, business plans.
  • All forms of content for students and educators.
  • Professional editing, proofreading, and all other publishing services for authors.
  • Book writing and ghostwriting.
  • Critique service for writers, authors and scriptwriters.
  • Transcription services in which speech is converted to texts.
  • Scriptwriting and all forms of content writing.

Group 2 Creative and Innovative Production

  • CV creation/revamp and designed portfolios for individuals and organisations.
  • Book cover designs for authors and writers.
  • Voiceover for audiobooks, videos, and advertisements.
  • PowerPoint slide creation.
  • Photo and graphic designs. Photo and video editing.

Group 3 Management Services

  • Social Media Management.
  • Website development. App Development.
  • Website maintenance.
  • Documentation and Project Management services for individuals and companies.

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